Scholarships Online (SOL)

You must submit your application for an NFP fellowship online through Scholarships Online (SOL).

Applying in SOL

Before you prepare your application you must have:

  • studied all the information available on the NFP pages about the NFP in general, the application procedure as well as the SOL manual;
  • checked the applicable fellowship application deadline of the master's degree programme, short course or PhD study you want to apply for;
  • checked the applicable academic application deadline for the programme you are applying for. You cannot use SOL to obtain academic admission. You must arrange this directly with the Dutch institution.

Please note that each sub-programme has its own application form in SOL. Use the quick links on the right-hand side of this page to go to the SOL area of the sub-programme you are interested in.

Download the SOL user policy(66.0 KB)

Start ahead of time

Take your time to submit your application correctly and make sure you have a reliable internet and power supply. The application deadlines are fixed and cannot be extended. Applications that are not submitted according to the required procedure and formats will not be accepted.


You need several documents to complete your application in SOL. Check which documents you need on the How to apply page. Nuffic cannot accept any additional information or documents sent by email or regular post. These additional documents or information messages will not be taken into consideration.

Need help?

If you need help download the SOL user manual and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Download the SOL manual for applicants(467.9 KB)

Contact us

If this does not solve your problem, contact us using our contact form.

Please send us:

  • a detailed description of your problem (for example: "I cannot edit my employment history in SOL. When I click on 'x' I get the following message..../nothing happens)
  • your full name and your date of birth
  • your file number (if available)

This is absolutely essential for us to help you.

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