Selection procedure

Your application will be assessed. The outcome of the selection becomes available about 16 weeks after the fellowship application deadline. To help you follow the selection process this page describes the selection procedure.

There are a maximum of four steps in the assessment of a submitted application.

1. Academic status

First the Dutch institution will make your academic status known in SOL. This process will be completed about three weeks after the deadline has closed. A status of ‘no admission institute’ means:

  • You did not apply for admission at the Dutch institution.
  • You did not apply for the same course in SOL as the one you applied for at the institution.
  • You were found to have been denied admission to the course by the Dutch institution
  • The Dutch institution intentionally gives the status of ‘no admission institute’, although you are academically admitted to the course. This means you will not be eligible for an NFP fellowship but you can attend the course with other financial resources.

2. Eligibility check

After the academic admission your application will be checked on its eligibility. If your application does not meet the eligibility criteria it will be rejected regardless of any effort, time and money you put into it. Please make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before you apply! All applications from applicants who applied multiple times in the same deadline period will be cancelled. Applications will also be checked for possible fraud.

3. Assessment of eligible applications

If the status of your application is eligible it will be assessed by the Dutch institution and the Netherlands embassy on:

  • your academic quality;
  • the degree to which you fit into the target group of the programme, (see objective of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes and the eligibility criteria);
  • how well you would be able to implement the newly-acquired knowledge in your daily work;
  • to what extent the knowledge will contribute to the development of your home country. If applicable, your application may be assessed according to any country-specific criteria an embassy may have set. If for example you submit an application for an NFP fellowship in the field of Health Sciences while Agriculture is a country-specific field of focus for the embassy in your country, your chances of obtaining a fellowship will decrease.
  • how well your plans for the time after returning to your employer are described and how easily they can be implemented. 

4. Preliminary selection

Based on this assessment a preliminary selection will be made around ten to fourteen weeks after the deadline has closed. The assessments will lead to a ranking of all eligible applications, giving priority to applications from female candidates. Half of the available budget for fellowships is allocated to candidates from Sub-Saharan Africa.

For PhD applications Nuffic and the Netherlands Embassy will assess applications on additional criteria. Priority will be given to applications that:

  • propose that the research project be co-supervised by an institution in an NFP country,
  • have a proven link with other activities financed by the NFP or other Dutch government-funded activities or a proven link or work agreement in the research area between the employing organisation and the Dutch institution.

If needed, Nuffic will repeat this process once in order to replace candidates that have declined. The preliminary selection is subject to change. You cannot claim a fellowship from the fellowship offer. However, Nuffic will not defer an awarded fellowship under any circumstances.

Confirmation check

If you are one of the few preselected candidates you will be asked by email if you accept the NFP fellowship that is offered to you. You then have to confirm the status of your application. You have one week to react to this offer by clicking the applicable button in SOL (see the SOL manual for instructions(467.9 KB)). If you decline or do not react in time you will not receive a fellowship. You can apply again in a later deadline period.

If you accept the fellowship offer you will be awarded the fellowship under the conditions of the Rules and Regulations (see the NFP Rules and Regulations(162.5 KB)).

If you withdraw your participation in the course after having accepted the fellowship there will be restrictions when applying for an NFP fellowship in future. This is in accordance with the NFP eligibility criteria*. The fellowship is subject to the NFP Rules and Regulations ( which you accepted when applying.


  • If you accept this NFP-SC fellowship and you have already accepted/ received an NFP-SC fellowship in the past, you cannot apply for an NFP-SC fellowship in the future after accepting this fellowship.
  • If you accept this NFP-SC fellowship and you have not yet accepted/ received an NFP-SC fellowship in the past, you can only apply for an NFP-SC fellowship a year after this fellowship application.

If you accept this NFP-MA fellowship, you cannot apply for an NFP-MA fellowship in the future.

For NFP-PhD:
If you accept this NFP-PhD fellowship, you cannot apply for an NFP-PhD fellowship in the future.

Nuffic will make the final selection within four weeks after the preliminary selection. Candidates will be informed about the outcome of the selection by email.

Please note that applications can still be cancelled and awarded fellowships can be withdrawn with costs claimed back from the applicant, if at any point in the process it becomes clear that information provided in the application is incorrect or if an applicant becomes ineligible during the process without notifying Nuffic (see Rules and Regulations chapter 15).

Monitor the selection process

You can keep track of your application in SOL. During the selection procedure the status of your application will change. You will be notified by email if the status of your application changes.

Read more about the different statuses in the SOL manual for applicants(467.9 KB)

Feedback for applicants with a non-eligible or not selected application(139.1 KB)

After the selection

You will be informed about the outcome of the selection by mail or email The outcome of the selection will also be visible in SOL. The selection is final and there is no list of reserve candidates.

If your application is successful, the Dutch institution will contact you by mail or email to make all necessary (logistical) arrangements.

We pay your fellowship to the Dutch institution, as described in the Rules and Regulations. The institution will manage your fellowship and make payments to you for the duration of your fellowship.

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