FAQ - Living in Holland

Questions about life in Holland as a student and after graduation


Do I need to speak Dutch to study in Holland?

No, there are more than 2,100 programmes taught entirely in English. Dutch people speak English very well, so in public life you will also be able to manage with just English. In the search engine for study programmes you can look for all study programmes taught in English.

Where can I learn Dutch?

Although many Dutch people speak English very well, you may want to learn some Dutch as a part of your Study in Holland experience. This can make it much easier to get in touch with other Dutch students and make some Dutch friends. There are several options for you to learn (some) Dutch both in Holland and in your home country.

How can I find housing in Holland?

There are many options for arranging the accommodation that suits you best, but make sure you start looking for a room as soon as possible.

Read more about finding housing.

Can I stay in the Netherlands after my graduation?

Once you have finished your academic programme in Holland, you may want to stay and continue studying or find a job in the Netherlands. Or you want to continue studying in your home country or leave to study in yet another country.

Find out more about the options you have after your studies.

Can I use my foreign diploma to study or work in Holland?

When you apply to study here, your Dutch host institution will evaluate your diploma to compare it to a Dutch diploma. They will check if you meet the admission requirements. Nuffic can advise the institutions about foreign diploma’s. You don’t have to take action for this yourself.

If you want to work in Holland, you can contact Nuffic for more information and advice on how to have your foreign diploma evaluated in the Netherlands. You can also contact the Information Centre for Credential Evaluation (IDW).

Will I be able to use my Dutch diploma in my home country or elsewhere?

You can ask for a Diploma Description, which provides information about academic qualifications obtained in the Netherlands and offers a suggestion on how the qualifications should be evaluated in the country in which it is presented. A full evaluation of your diploma can only be done in the country where you intend to work or study.

Please check the Enic-Naric website for address details of recognition information centres. If the country you are looking for is not on the list, you should contact the education ministry in that country directly.

last modified Sep 25, 2018 10:18 AM