How do I apply for an MSP scholarship?

Application for the MSP takes place via the Dutch institutions. A list of available courses is published on www.studyinholland.nl/mena when the deadline opens. Select a course and contact the Dutch institution offering the course for the application procedures.

Where do I find the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadlines differ per Dutch institution. Contact the institution directly for information about application deadlines and procedures.

My country is not on the country list, am I eligible for an MSP scholarship?

To be eligible for the MSP, candidates must be living and working in one of the MSP countries.

Do I need to provide a government statement?

A government statement applies to several countries on the MSP country list. Unsure if the statement applies to you? Contact the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country.

Must I provide an employer’s statement, and where do I find the format?

An employer’s statement is obligatory for all MSP applicants. The statement is a guideline and contains information on the commitments which must be endorsed by the applicant’s employer. The format can be obtained from the Dutch institution offering the course.

Who informs candidates of the outcome of the selection?

The Dutch institution is responsible for informing candidates and for arranging all matters concerning the study period in the Netherlands for selected candidates.

Which costs are covered by the scholarship?

An MSP scholarship is a contribution towards the costs for the tuition fees, visa, travel and insurance during the study period. 

Please contact the Dutch institution for any further questions concerning the course offer and content, the application deadlines and the MSP application and selection procedures.

last modified Aug 15, 2017 10:07 AM