Whether you continue studying, look for a job, return to your home country, or leave for another country, make sure you stay connected to your fellow students and to the Netherlands.

After your studies in Holland you have built a strong network of new friends and contacts which will be of great value throughout your life.

NL alumni network

The NL alumni network, facilitated by Nuffic, is an international network for NL alumni, international students, higher education institutions and the Dutch business society. Through the network you can connect with fellow alumni and students from your home country, your scholarship programme, your Dutch host institution or your area of expertise.

Apart from connecting with peers, the network also gives you the opportunity to:

  • join activities from existing NL alumni networks in your home country;
  • stay informed about upcoming alumni events around the world.

Join the NL alumni network at www.nlalumni.nl

Getting involved

Other international students thinking of studying in the Netherlands want to know all about your experience! Share your experience of studying in the Netherlands by writing a testimonial, join NL alumni Associations around the world or become a Study in Holland ambassador.