Working after your studies

Holland Alumni are highly employable.

The Dutch education system looks beyond offering good quality study programmes. It is a common belief in the Netherlands that offering a good study climate alone is not enough, but that students need to be given the tools to start a great career after receiving their diplomas.

It is therefore no surprise that large international recruitment agencies see graduates from Dutch institutions as highly interesting and highly employable.

Staying in Holland to find a job

The Dutch government and Nuffic want to make sure you are well informed about your options to stay in Holland for work. You can read all about career opportunities, business culture, salary and practical information on the Holland Alumni website.

Find out more about the special residence permit scheme, the Orientation Year, aimed at retaining foreign talent for the Dutch labour market.

This video explains:

Tuesday 10 July 2018, IND and Nuffic hosted a webinar addressing the orientation year and the frequently asked questions. You can watch it below:

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