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If you have a question or would like more information about a product or service provided by EP-Nuffic, you can submit your query using our contact form. You should also use this form if you want information about a decision made by EP-Nuffic.


If you have a complaint relating to behaviour exhibited by EP-Nuffic or an EP-Nuffic employee, you can consider submitting a complaint via EP-Nuffic's corporate website.

Complaints can relate to the way in which EP-Nuffic and/or its employees have dealt with a certain matter. Complaints cannot be submitted in regard to products and/or services provided by EP-Nuffic, including but not limited to official decisions, credential evaluations and grant allocations, for which other procedures exist. The matter to which the complaint relates must have taken place no more than one year ago.


If you do not agree with a decision taken by EP-Nuffic or with its reasons for taking it, you can consider filing a complaint. You can find the procedures for filing an objection at the bottom of the decision notification letter.

Information about filing a complaint (in Dutch)

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