Personal contact with Nuffic, Dutch institutions or other representative bodies is offered all year round at different international events worldwide.

Education fairs

At these fairs you receive first-hand information from representatives of the institutions. We provide information about programmes, institutions, scholarship opportunities and life in Holland. You often also have a chance to get in contact with students from your country who have already studied in Holland. Check which fairs we are attending this year:

Fair programme (32 kB)

Pre-departure meetings

The Nuffic Neso offices organise pre-departure briefings for students leaving to take a bachelor’s, master’s or short course, or to study for a PhD in Holland in the next academic year. The pre-departure briefings provide you with general information about living and studying in Holland and the effects of a culture shock. Alumni will be on hand to give practical and specific campus information.

Pre-departure briefings 2018(27 kB)

Other events

The Netherlands Education Information Office or Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country may also organise events to provide information about studying in Holland. You can contact the embassy to find out about any upcoming events.


The Day of the International Student (DIS) brings international students in Holland together and offers them an unforgettable experience. The DIS is organised by Nuffic to express our appreciation to the international students in higher education who have chosen Holland as the place where they will further their education.

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