Dutch studies

Are you fascinated by this small country that was the cultural and economic center of the world in the 15th and 16th century? Do you want to know all about the famous Dutch painters, the language and literature? Then Dutch Studies ('Neerlandistiek') might be just the right study for you.

Which place is more suitable to study Neerlandistiek than Holland itself? Several Dutch institutions offer study programmes and courses in Dutch Studies taught in English. Go to our database to check out your options!

If you are looking for Dutch Studies entirely taught in Dutch, you can check on Studiekeuze123 or the DUO website.

Dutch studies in your own country

Annually some 15,000 students spread over 200 universities in about 40 countries study Neerlandistiek outside of the Dutch language area.

Find out where you can study Neerlandistiek in your own country (site in Dutch).

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