Number of international students

In 2014-2015 Holland hosted 90,000 international students.

Infographic - 1 in 10 students international

In government-sponsored programmes there were: 

  • 56,288 students from EU countries and EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland); 
  • 22,802 students from countries other than EU and EFTA.

Another 10,298 students came to Holland within the Erasmus+ programme, or with a residence permit for an internship.

Countries of origin of international students in Holland

  1. Germany: 24,030 
  2. China: 6,642 
  3. Belgium: 3,007 
  4. Italy: 2,881 
  5. Spain: 2,862

Popular subject areas of enrolled international students

  1. Economics    
  2. Behaviour and Society   
  3. Engineering   

More information

The figures on this page are approximate. For further details please look at our publications:

Key figures 2015 Internationalisation in higher education(596 kB)

Mapping Mobility 2012: International Mobility in Dutch Higher Education(3.4 MB) 

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