Florentino G. Martínez Research Master Scholarship

For students who have a/are Bachelor's degree , Master's degree
Who need a scholarship for Study
In the field of Arts and Humanities
Countries All

Description of scholarship

The scholarship is specifically for students in the fields of Hebrew Bible, early Judaism and Dead Sea Scrolls, enrolled in the two-year Research Master's Programme of the Graduate School of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Groningen.


Excellent students (both EU and Non-EU) enrolled in the two year Research Master's Programme in Theology and Religious Studies, wishing to specialize in the fields of Hebrew Bible, early Judaism and Dead Sea Scrolls.


Value and purpose of grant

The scholarship is € 1,000 and is meant to cover some of the expenses connected with the two-year Research Master programme at the Faculty’s Graduate School.

Grant award period

1 september - 31 August

Application deadline


Extra facilities

Please note: As the scholarship does not amount to a full scholarship, you should acquire additional funding in order to fully finance your study. One of the requirements for being granted a residence permit in the Netherlands as a non-EU student is that students must submit proof that they have sufficient financial means to finance their study period in the Netherlands. The University of Groningen advises a budget, not including the tuition fee, of approx. € 10.000 to € 14.000 per year to cover the costs for rent, insurance, living expenses, course books and local transportation. How much money students actually spend will of course depend on their life style and spending habits.

Grant provider

Qumran Institute of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Application procedure

Outstanding students who wish to apply must submit:

- Copy of your University of Groningen (conditional) admission letter to the MA Theology and Religious Studies (Research) from the Admission Board;
- a letter of motivation for enrolling in the Research Master specifically for the fields of Hebrew Bible, early Judaism or Dead Sea Scrolls
- the list of marks for their BA
- a writing sample (essay, thesis) from their BA
- two letters of recommendation
- a plan for how to spend the scholarship (e.g. tuition assistance, books, conference visit, etc.).

Applications for the scholarship should be submitted to the secretary of the Qumran Institute, Ms. Willeke van de Pol: w.c.van.de.pol@rug.nl

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