Application instructions and participating universities

This page gives important information about applying for an NN Future Matters scholarship. Your application needs to be submitted online via our online application system (Delta). On this page you will find the application criteria and a list of participating universities.

  • Collect all required information and documents before starting with your online application. It is not possible to save your application and continue at a later stage. You need to finish the application in one go.
  • Your application can be rejected if it is not complete (if not all the required information or documents are submitted) or if the documents don't match the requirements below.
  • Submit one application. If you consider more than 2 study programmes, please name them in the remarks field of your application. If you submit more than one application, only the most recently submitted application will be taken into consideration. The others will be cancelled.
  • If you have any questions please email .

Participating universities 2020-2021

The 7 Dutch universities below are participating in the NN Future Matters scholarship programme. Programmes offered by these universities in the field of Finance, Risk management, Economics, Data science or Entrepreneurship are eligible.

Utrecht University

VU Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

Tilburg University

Erasmus University

Maastricht University

Radboud University Nijmegen

Required application documents


  • Each document has to be in PDF format and not exceed 5 MB.
  • Merge your motivation letter, budget and CV into 1 document.
  • Merge the 2 reference letters into 1 document.

You can find more information on how to create and merge PDFs below.

The documents you need to upload

  • Diploma: a copy of your diploma and study results of your current/previous higher education. If not yet available (as you still need to graduate) please include an overview of your study results.
  • Motivation letter and financial budget: the letter must address the items stated in the correct format. The letter is between 1 and 2 A4 pages long.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) with photo, which includes: educational experience, work experience (full-time/part-time and period), periods spent abroad (name countries and purpose), extracurricular activities (both study related and not study related). The length of the CV is minimum 1 A4 and max 3 A4.
  • Admission letter: a copy of the (conditional) admission letter to a master’s programme at a Dutch university, which participates in the NN FM scholarship programme.
  • Upload 2 reference letters: the referees must be professors from your current or previous study programme. The letters must contain the letterhead of your institution, the referee's name, address and position, and be signed and stamped.
  • Copy of your passport or ID card.

Submitting your application

After you have prepared your application in our online application tool Delta, make sure all the information is correct and click on ‘submit’. You will receive a confirmation email.

Once submitted, you cannot change your application. Therefore, make sure that the information and documents are correct and complete before you submit them. The deadline for submitting an application has been extended to 9 April 2020 11.00 (CEST).

Convert documents to PDF

The Portable Document File (PDF) format is commonly used to share documents. However, it may be that your documents are in other formats, such as .doc, .jpeg and so on. Follow the instructions below to convert your file to PDF format or to combine documents in 1 PDF document.

Save a Microsoft Office (word, excel, PowerPoint) document in PDF format:

If you have Microsoft Office version 2007 or later, you can click on File/Save as. A ‘save as screen will pop up, click on the dropdown box ‘save as’ and choose ‘PDF’. If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office, read the instructions below on how to save other files in PDF format.

Save other files in PDF format:

  • PDF printer: it is possible that you already have a PDF printer installed on your computer. In that case, you can ‘print’ your document to PDF. Go to the print menu in your document and choose the (Adobe) PDF printer instead of your default printer. Do not use quick print, as the system will then choose the default printer automatically. Instead use the full print function in your software.
  • Local desktop software: it is possible that you already have software on your computer that can convert files to PDF format. You can also install a free PDF creator on your computer. There are several free PDF creators available for download on the internet. An example is PDFCreator ( Go to the download page and download the application. On the support page you can find the user manual.
  • Online: there are several websites where you can convert your document to PDF format for free. An example is Click on the ‘browse’ button to choose the file you want to convert to PDF, fill in your email address and click on ‘Convert your file’. The file will be sent to you in PDF format. Please make sure that the website you are using has a privacy policy that protects your confidential information.
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