Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Orange Tulip Scholarship. If your question does not exist, please send an e-mail to

1.Can I apply for an Orange Tulip Scholarship? 
If you are a South African citizen or permanent resident, and you intend to study in the Netherlands at the Foundation, Bachelor or Master level and if you have been admitted to a participating Dutch university or are in the process of enrollment, you can apply for this scholarship.

Please check the the Scholarship Process for more information about eligibility, application process and terms/conditions.

2. If my university and/or study programme is not on the sponsor list/scheme, can I register the Orange Tulip Scholarship? 
Not all Dutch Universities offer Orange Tulip Scholarship and apply only to university courses listed on the Scheme page. 


3. Does Nuffic Neso South Africa help with the enrollment of my university course study programme?

No, we do not help with the application and admission process to any Dutch university or higher education institution. We provide information and steps that you can easily follow to apply to one of your destination universities.


4. What level of study programme can apply for  Orange Tulip Scholarship? 

For OTS South Africa courses at Bachelor's and Master's level are available as well as Foundation/pathway programmes. Please note, not all study programmes of a participating university are funded through OTS. So it's important to look at the OTS schemes


5. What is funded by the Orange Tulip Scholarship? 

The benefits offered by each university within OTS differ. Some universities might offer a 100% tuition fee waiver, while other colleges may offer a 50% reduction. It is possible to offer only live expenses or visa fees, etc. Please check carefully for each university under 'benefits' on the OTS schemes pages.


6. When is the deadline for Orange Tulip Scholarship registration deadline? 
The deadline for registration and submission of the Orange Tulip Scholarship to Nuffic Neso South Africa is April 1, 2019. For some schemes, the time limit may be before or after the OTS general deadline. Please check the deadlines  on the OTS schemes pages.


7. What form should I submit apply?

Send a soft copy of the duly filled out and signed Orange Tulip Scholarship Application(147 kB) form, and additional documents if the institution requires, to

Make sure you receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. Confirmation email will usually be sent 1-2 weeks after delivery. Please contact us in case you did not receive a confirmation.

Please note that you yourself must take care of the admission process to one of the courses at Dutch university. This is to prevent your app email from being not delivered properly.

8. Can I start the Orange Tulip Scholarship registration process if I have not been admitted to Dutch university? 
Yes, you can start OTS registration now even though you have not received Letter of Acceptance, provided you have started the application process at the destination university. 


9. I already have Conditional Letter of Acceptance from Dutch university. Can I start Orange Tulip Scholarship registration? 
Yes, if your conditional Letter of Acceptance  is from a course at a university of OTS participants.


10. How to show " Proof has started registration " to register Orange Tulip Scholarship? 
Enough with email screenshots from the university (OTS participants) stating that your registration documents have been well received and processed immediately.


11. Can I apply for two universities / programs in the scheme? 
Yes, please send the required documents separately to OTS email. 


12. How do I know if I succeed or fail to get Orange Tulip Scholarship? 
After the deadline and an eligibility check, Nuffic Neso South Africa will forward all eligible applications to the Dutch institutions. After Nuffic Neso South Africa receives the selection results from the participating universities, we will send an e-mail to you. If you are a recipient of a scholarship we will add an offer letter to that mail. If you accept the scholarship offer, you must sign the offer letter and return it via e-mail to Nuffic Neso South Africa. If you de


13. I have another question about the Orange Tulip Scholarship or would like to schedule an appointment?

Please contact us: 

T. +27 (0)12 346 0982

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