Scholarships process

Please read the information on these pages before you begin enrollment of the Orange Tulip Scholarship.

In the pages below you can find important information about the registration process and the selection of Orange Tulip Scholarship. Please read carefully, as only complete files will be processed. 

If you have questions about the Orange Tulip Scholarship after reading, please contact Nuffic Neso South Africa via +27 (0)12 346 0982 or .


  • South African citizen or permanent resident;
  • Not currently studying or working in the Netherlands;
  • Currently in the admission process or (conditionally) admitted to one of the participating universities.

    Application process

    1. Check the institutions and eligible courses in the OTS Scheme List
    2. Carefully check the information on the scholarship scheme of the university you wish to register for. If you meet the requirements, start the registration process to the university of your choice as soon as possible. Follow the instructions on the university website and send the requested university files directly to the university.
    3. Wait for confirmation from the university that your application is in process or (conditionally) accepted. This is usually done via an e-mail and/or the online application system. This is proof that you have started the university enrolment process or that you have been (conditionally accepted). 
    4. After confirmation of the university you can start the application process for the Orange Tulip Scholarship. Please send a soft copy of the duly filled out and signed Neso South AfricaOrange Tulip Scholarship Application Form(147 kB)(110 kB) and required attachments to 
    5. The general deadline for submission of registration files is April 1, 2018. However, some universities follow different deadlines.
    6. Within 1-2 weeks after your application you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from Nuffic Neso South Africa. Please contact us via or or +27 (0)12 346 0982 to check if you do not hear from us or if you would like to ask any questions on your applications.
    7. After the deadline and an eligibility check, Nuffic Neso South Africa will forward all eligible applications to the Dutch institutions. After Nuffic Neso South Africa receives the selection results from the participating universities, we will send an e-mail to you. If you are a recipient of a scholarship we will add an offer letter to that mail. If you accept the scholarship offer, you must sign the offer letter and return it via e-mail to Nuffic Neso South Africa. If you decline the scholarship offer, an e-mail stating that you declined will be sufficient.
    8. IMPORTANT: Each scheme/course may have its own terms and deadlines. Please read the explanation on the respective institutional pages.  Please note that admission to the university of your choice and the Orange Tulip Scholarship application are two seperate processes that both need to be completed.

    Terms and conditions

    1. The scholarship is provided to you directly by the Dutch higher education institution. 
    2. Orange Tulip Scholarship is a contribution that is specifically and exclusively meant to be used towards paying for the costs of a study at a designated higher education institution in the Netherlands, in a programme to which the recipient has been officially admitted. 
    3. The scholarship may not be used to finance the subsistence of the student or anyone else.  
    4. Any issues involving the scholarship should be dealt with directly through the institution.  
    5. Nuffic Neso is not responsible for any problems that may arise between an institution and an applicant.  
    6. Neither the Dutch higher education institution nor Nuffic Neso can be held accountable or liable for any consequences by illness, accidents, etc. or any other risks arising from the acceptance of an Orange Tulip Scholarship may entail.  
    7. Orange Tulip Scholarship recipients are obligated, to the best of their ability, to follow and complete the study programme for which they received the scholarship.  
    8. Scholarship recipients must provide information concerning the programme and educational evaluation. 
    9. During and after the studies, both Nuffic Neso and the Dutch higher education institution may approach the student to ask about his/her experiences for promotional use. 


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