Neso Turkey Webinars: Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University representatives will talk about their Bachelor in Business Administration, Master in Management and MBA on Thursday, 23 February 

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Zamanı 23.02.2017
saat: 18:00 - 19:30
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Nyenrode Business University, founded in 1946, is the only privately held university in the Netherlands. Nyenrode is focusing in education of new generation business leaders whose building is located in a thirteenth-century castle. Nyenrode’s educational purpose reaches beyond the transfer and creation of knowledge, by also emphasizing the need to build ones character and focus on attitude and personal skills. 

During the webinar, the Nyenrode representatives will cover information about the university, international student life and Bachelor&Master programmes (content and application procedures)

Bachelor (BSc) in Business Administration

Full-time Master (MSc) in Management

Full-time International MBA

Part-time Executive MBA

If you are interested in Nyenrode Business University you can check out their website, search for their programmes and prepare your questions before the webinar. 

Please note that the presentation is in English and webinar participation is free.

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