Neso Turkey Webinars: University College Groningen

Neso Turkey expands the range of its services by starting to deliver webinars in cooperation with Dutch Higher Education Institutions. There will be a webinar with University College Groningen which is about Bachelor of Liberal Arts on Wednesday, 25 January. This is an interdisciplinary bachelor programme offering small scale, intensive education for the students who are planning to study in the Netherlands.

Event details
Zamanı 25.01.2017
saat: 16:30 - 18:00
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The following items will be covered:

  • General information about Studying in Holland (by Neso Turkey Team)
  • Introduction to the University College Groningen
  • Introducing Groningen as a student city
  • Introducing the concept of Liberal Arts education and the University College

If you are interested in University College Groningen you can check out their website, search for their programs and prepare your questions before the webinar. 

It will be free to ask questions during the webinar. Please note that the presentation is in English and participation is free of charge.

You can sign up in order to join the webinar

Or you can join the webinar by simply clicking to this link.

If you have any troubles while joining please read our guideline before you enter. 

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