When you decide to study abroad, you have lots to prepare. Start your preparations a year in advance for an untroubled stay in Holland. This checklist will give you insight into what to arrange and when.

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Find a study programme

Studyfinder offers you a complete, independent and up-to-date overview of all 2,100 programmes and courses taught in English. Take a look at the map and find out where the institutions are located!

Check the admission requirements

When you have found a course or study programme you like, find out what the admission requirements are. Most admission requirements are listed in Studyfinder, but always double-check with the institution.

Find a scholarship

The online search engine Grantfinder gives you an overview of available scholarships. Contact the Dutch Embassy in your home country or your institution’s international office and ask about funding possibilities.

Visas and permits

Find out which immigration procedure applies to you and prepare the documents required by the Dutch immigration authorities. You can find more information on visa procedures in our Visas & permits section.

Get insured

Make sure you are properly insured during your stay. There are several options, so find out which option applies to your situation.


Check our information on housing to find  accommodation before you start your study.


There are many ways to get in touch with us at Study in Holland: follow us on Facebook and Twitter or watch the videos on our YouTube channel. Read some experiences and fun stories from other students who have already studied in Holland.

Make the most of your time in Holland

Make sure you stay connected to your fellow students and join the Holland Alumni network.

Learn to speak the Dutch language as part of your Study in Holland experience.