Plan your stay

When you have made the decision to come and study in Holland, you will need to prepare for your stay. As an international student you need to arrange quite a few things.

Choosing a programme

You first need to find a study programme and then check the admission requirements for the programme:

Find a study programme

Admission requirements are set by the institution and may vary by programme too. There are some general admission requirements at most institutions.

Applying for a programme

Application procedures may vary by institution and by type of programme.

How to apply

Visa procedures

Once you've done that, check if you need a visa. Your specific situation determines which visa procedures, insurance and residence permits you need:

Find out what you need

Refugee students

There are diferent procedures for refugees.

Find out about  procedures for refugees

Use our checklist

By using the checklist, you can easily see which other preparations you need to make and when. As soon as you can tick all the boxes on the list, you are well prepared to leave home.

Go to the checklist

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