Registering with the council

If you are staying in the Netherlands for more than four months you will need to go to the city council and register as a new resident of the town where you are living.

Registration regulations may vary from one council to another.

When registering with your local council, you are automatically issued a BSN. BSN is short for Burger Service Nummer, which translates as ‘citizen service number’. The BSN is equivalent to a social security number: a unique registration number for every citizen, used in contacts with any government service.

Various people may ask for your BSN. If you have a job, your employer will need to know your BSN. Insurance companies may also ask for your BSN.

BSN for internship

If you are doing a paid internship you also need a BSN. Even if you are staying in the Netherlands less than four months. You can register with the local council as a non-resident in the Register Niet Ingezetenen (RNI).

last modified Aug 01, 2018 11:05 AM