Healthcare insurance

When studying in Holland, you must have insurance for medical expenses. The type of healthcare insurance you need depends on your personal situation.

There are 3 different types of cover: Dutch public healthcare insurance, an EU Health Insurance Card or private insurance. 

Dutch public healthcare insurance

If you are obliged to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance (zorgverzekering), you are free to buy insurance from any Dutch insurance company. Your school, employer or internship provider might know insurance companies that will give you a student discount.

It’s very important to note that this type of insurance covers only your medical expenses.

If you take out Dutch public health insurance, you may be eligible for compensation for your insurance premium. This compensation is called healthcare benefit or healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag).

EU Health Insurance Card

You may be eligble to receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which covers your medical costs during your stay in Holland if:

  • You are an EU/EEA or Swiss national studying in Holland, and
  • you are not working or doing an internship here, and
  • you are insured for your medical care through a national health system in your home country.

Apply for the EHIC in your home country. More information on the EHIC is available on the website of the European Commission.

You are not obliged to take out any additional insurance in Holland, as long as you do not work or take up a paid internship in the Netherlands.

Private healthcare insurance

What if you don’t have an EHIC and you don’t have the obligation to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance as you will not work or do a paid internship next to or as part of your studies in Holland? Then you need to check whether your existing insurance covers your stay in Holland.

If not, you need to take out a new or special insurance policy for your stay in Holland. Please contact the International Office of your higher education institution for advice.

Find out which option applies to you

More information

Do you want an overview of the insurances you need to have in order to be properly insured during your stay in the Netherlands? Download the insurance checklist.

Insurance checklist (2540 kB)

Studying and health insurance in the Netherlands(706 kB)

If you have additional questions on this topic, please contact Zorgverzekeringslijn.

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