Alicia Paulina Ocadiz Arriaga, Mexico

Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts Contemporary Dance

I have left home before. I went to China for one year so I knew what it’s like to be away from your own culture, your friends, your food and your own country. But of course every time you go, you feel this emptiness in your heart. I just think in terms of new adventures and the new experiences that are waiting for me and it makes me feel better.

It is true that there are some products that you cannot find in Holland, so please check what kind of food, medicine, or any other things you need, and bring take them with you. You should also take something with you that makes you feel at home, such as pictures, a painting, a pillow, whatever may help you at a difficult time.

And finally, the weather! I just spent the coldest six months of my life in Holland so be prepared for the Dutch weather with a nice warm, waterproof jacket.

Unique experiences

But never fear, this is a great country, and travelling always provides you with unique and irreplaceable experiences. Holland is a country with amazing arts schools so you just have to learn as much as you can, and enjoy the moment.

I find the bicycle paths really surprising: it's really nice to have a safe and nice route for your bike everywhere. You won’t need anything else to transport yourself around, just a nice bike.

Rotterdam itself is a beautiful city. I was really happy to see how nice my new home was. With a great diversity in cultures and with that I mean there are more than 150 different nationalities only in Rotterdam. People from every part of the world coexist in the same place, and everybody is treated with respect and dignity.


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