Brian Lim (18), Malaysia

BA (Hons) in Social Science, Roosevelt Academy International Honours College of Utrecht University in Middelburg.

After high school I just wanted to be in Europe, but the UK was too expensive and being anywhere else required me to either learn the language first or choose my discipline immediately. Roosevelt Academy offered full English courses, and it being a liberal arts and sciences school meant that I could be flexible with my courses while having the same academic goals in mind.

I have been to quite a number of other European countries so it is fair to say that Asian culture has much more frenzy and excitement. We have hawkers shouting bargain prices, food cooked in front of you in stalls on the streets while you watch an artist making a dragon from thick sugar syrup, or five people piled on a motorbike zoom by.

Midnight meal

In Asia, there is always someone not sleeping, and shops are open till 11pm or don’t close at all, so it has become quite depressing that I often plan a midnight meal only to recall that I am on the other side of the world now.

However, the Dutch would make the most patient tourists of the Orient. At least in China, nobody cues up at the vegetable market like they do here, cars would release a barrage of honks at you if your cycling slowed them down, so it has been very relaxing in the Netherlands.

A fruitful experience

I find it strange that my Dutch friends always say the Dutch are not nice at all, when I have yet to meet one that hasn't helped me when I was in need or perhaps smiled at me on the streets out of goodwill. Never have I seen rice packaged in a box, and the Dutch definition of spicy doesn't even register on my tongue.

On the other hand it was never hard integrating in Holland, and I love it here. Being a student means a penny is the next opportunity to eat, and partying is as essential as the next A+. I highly recommend every potential student to consider Holland because you just might live the rest of your life never knowing what an enriching experience that could have been.


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