Kaiyi Zhang (24), China

MSc in Molecular Life Sciences, Wageningen University

After a four-year BSc study at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, I decided to continue my studies in Holland. Why did I choose Holland again? The reasons are very simple. I like the Dutch teaching style and the programme design. Students and teachers are equal in the class even though the teacher is a professor. The teachers are willing to explain the problem again and again.

The design of the programme is good, for example, there is no knowledge gap between terms. Students can follow courses easily. The main contrast between Holland and China is that Chinese education focuses on learning theories. Dutch education focuses on learning theories and practices.

Easy to get around

Studying and living in Holland gives you a good opportunity to meet people from other countries, since one-fifth of the population is foreign. Communication is easy in Holland because more than 90% of the Dutch can speak English. It makes our daily life much easier. The local people are kind to foreigners and willing to help you, even if you do not speak the Dutch language.

For me, life in Holland is wonderful. Meeting different people and learning about different cultures are the most interesting things. Besides studying, I am also busy visiting all kinds of parties and festivals. Of course, there are some things I do not like. A good example is the weather. The wind is too strong to cycle. The Dutch weather is unpredictable. Therefore, I always take an umbrella with me.  

Prevent culture shock!

I would like to tell new students that living in an new country is not an easy thing. Before you come to Holland, there are a few things you should do.

First, you should get ready mentally; all the difficulties can be overcome. Second, you should learn something about Holland and Dutch culture. Otherwise you will get a culture shock. You also should be good at planning your time so you can do things effectively. 

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