Lianshuang Xin (29), China

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Saxion University of Applied Sciences

After three years of working, when I had the opportunity to do an MBA, I chose to come to the Netherlands. This is not only because it can provide me with high-quality education against low tuition fees, but also because I looked at its economy and culture. In the following paragraphs, I will talk more about these two points.

Advantageous geographical location

Even though the size of the Netherlands is small and the natural resources are not very rich, it has great national strength. Why? This is entirely thanks to its superior geographical location. Holland is well known as ‘Europe’s front door’. Over centuries, for most of Central Europe, Western Europe and other regions, it has always been an important transit country. Frequent external contacts greatly promoted the prosperity of its foreign trade. In the 17th century, the Netherlands achieved global economic supremacy. That period can be seen as its heyday.

Even today, the Netherlands still plays an important role on the world economic stage. In the recent economic crisis, it does not seem to be much affected and still keeps a high employment rate. This shows that the Dutch economic system has its advantages and provides us a lot to learn. So if you want to learn business, want to know how business is operated, then I recommend you come to the Netherlands.

Unexpected gains

As I mentioned above, the Netherlands is a transit country; there are many international companies doing business here. You can easily deal with people from different countries and learn about their culture and customs. To some extent, the Netherlands is a window facing the world. Therefore, I can say that studying in Holland can not only broaden your horizon but also enrich your life experience. If you want to understand the world, want to be strong in the future, then I recommend you come to the Netherlands, because it will definitely bring you unexpected gains.

last modified Aug 27, 2012 03:07 PM