Mohammed Bakhamis (34), Qatar

MSc in Environmental Science – specialisation in Water Quality Management, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education

I used to work as a chemist in the Water Department of the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and at the moment I am doing a master’s programme in Environmental Science which is directly related to my field of work.

The level of education and the curriculum are well organised and planned. The institute provides all types of support during the study and the institute offers a wide range of facilities such as four modern teaching and research laboratories, aquatic ecology, microbiology process and analytical laboratories, extensive ICT facilities, a restaurant offering a wide variety of meals and snacks and an in-house prayer room.

During the year the institute organises a number of activities such as excursions to different locations in the Netherlands and Europe, which are part of the field trip programme. 

International group project

At the moment I am participating in an interesting project on adsorption of heavy metals from urban storm water based on iron oxide-based adsorbents. These days urbanisation and development processes are rapidly increasing which leads to a rise in the urban storm water run-off level, particularly during an intensive rainfall season.

The main sources of heavy metals are point (e.g. effluents from factories and industries) and non-point (e.g. street run-off) sources that are washed away and discharged into the receiving water body, which results in water quality impairment.

There are various treatment technologies for heavy metal removal; here we are trying to develop a technology that is not expensive and at the same time has fewer limitations. The main goal of the study is to assess a cost-effective technology approach for removal of heavy metals in urban stormwater. This project is carried out at the UNESCO-IHE research laboratory and there are four main participants.

From my point of view, working in an international project group is very useful because it facilitates the project through the sharing of information and knowledge. 

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