Financing your studies

Dutch higher education is subsidised and tuition fees are relatively low. There are many sources of funding available to you for studying in Holland.

Tuition fees 

  • EU students: annual tuition fees start at approximately €1,950.
  • non-EU students: average tuition fee for bachelor’s programmes between €6,000 and €15,000, for a master’s programme liebetween €8,000 and €20,000.

Exchange programmes

Before you start searching for scholarships check if your institution has an exchange programme with a Dutch institution. This is the easiest and cheapest way to study in Holland.

As an exchange student from an EU country, you may be eligible to receive financial support from your home country, either directly (in the form of a monthly grant or loan) or indirectly, through tax benefits for your parents.

Contact the international office of your university to check which options are available to you.

Scholarships database

Our online search engine Grantfinder gives you a complete overview of all scholarships available for studying in Holland.

Find a scholarship

Scholarships administered by EP-Nuffic

Grantfinder also contains a number of scholarship programmes that are administered by EP-Nuffic.

Go to the overview of the scholarship programmes EP-Nuffic manages

Dutch student finance system

The Dutch government has set up a funding system to pay for study costs, tuition fees, health insurance and costs of living. It is meant for students under the age of 30, registered in full-time or dual education in Holland. You have to have either the Dutch nationality or a nationality or residence permit that provides the same rights as Dutch nationals.

View an infographic to find out if you can apply.

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