I already have an NFP fellowship

If you were already awarded an NFP fellowship before August 2014, then the changes in the application and selection process from that date do not affect you.

Scholarships Online (SOL)

Scholarships Online (SOL) is no longer accessible for NFP fellowship holders and former applicants. Email any changes in your personal details or other relevant matters concerning your NFP fellowship to nfp-fellowships[at]epnuffic.nl.

Share your story

We would love to hear from NFP graduates: share your stories so new students can read about your life in Holland and your study with an NFP fellowship: How did the fellowship help you in your career? What was it like to study at a Dutch university?

Contact us if you want to have your story posted on our website.

After your studies

Once you have finished your study programme, you are an NFP alumnus. Nuffic offers a range of services for alumni. You can subscribe online with our Holland Alumni network to interact with fellow alumni from your institution or country. Being an NFP alumnus also gives you the opportunity to participate in refresher courses, NFP alumni events in the Netherlands or in the region, and join alumni activities organised by local alumni associations.

Register with the Holland Alumni network

Find out more about the NFP alumni activities

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