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This is me

“such a perfectionist”, “overly energetic”, “big dreams”, “a cool nerd”, “trust issue”, “patriot”, “sporty”, “responsible”, “food addict”, “short”, “outdoor-oriented”, “achiever”, “creative but logical”, “charity”, “a trier”, “family-oriented”, “a mommy’s boy”, “a good cook” are often words and phrases people use to describe me.

Why I came to study in Holland

Financing for studying abroad in a developed country has always been a real struggle for me; hence, the full scholarship ASF, offered to me by Amsterdam University College to follow a liberal art and science bachelor programme was the deciding factor for me to choose Holland as a new home.

My tip for students who are going to study in Holland

Do more than just your study, as you want to get the most out of the experience of studying abroad. There are countless things for students here: student associations, volunteer work, sport clubs, going out, traveling, part-time jobs, internships, learning Dutch. So … get off the couch!

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