• MichaelUnited States
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Master’s Jazz Saxophone

This is me

I’m a 1st year masters student studying jazz saxophone in Amsterdam. I’m from Champaign, in the state of Illinois, and attended Northwestern University in Chicago for jazz saxophone. After I graduated I spent 4 years playing saxophone on cruise ships, visiting over 50 countries in the process.

Why I came to study in Holland

I study in Holland to explore the professional music opportunities offered in the Netherlands and to network with musicians from all over Europe and around the world. Amsterdam offers a truly international perspective and is perfect for meeting musicians. I also love the charming atmosphere and architecture of the city.

My tip for students who are going to study in Holland

Look for scholarships early! There are many grants available, but many have due dates that are earlier than you might think. I missed out on a couple just because I wasn’t carefully checking all the dates. Start looking for grants when you start looking for schools!

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