A Saturday exploration of Amsterdam

Part of studying abroad is experiencing a new life in a new city. Last Saturday I decided to spend a whole day strolling around Amsterdam by myself, visiting a couple of cafes in town, and then meeting up with my friends in the evening. It was a super fun day. Who knows that doing stuff alone can also be so much fun!!!

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I have always been a curious and exploratory person. One of the things I really want to do for quite some time already is café-hopping, which is basically going from one café to another to try our their drinks, food, and vibe. And I am a big dessert boy, so this is also an excuse for me to ease my craving for cakes. Haha

This is actually my first real vlogging experience. I feel a bit weird at times pointing camera at everything and talking to the camera all the time in public places :P But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I hope that you will enjoy the vid, and that it gives you a peek into what Amsterdam has to offer.


The first place I visited was Rumbaba café. It is a small cafe in the East of Amsterdam. What jumped right into my sight and really made me happy, when I stepped foot into the café, was the open display of a variety of cakes on the counter. That piece of dark chocolate cake I ordered was probably one of the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. The cosiness of the place was amped up by the simple but smart décor that allows the place to host quite a number of seats, considering its small area.

Rumbaba cafe in Asmterdam
Rumbaba cafe


The second place I went was the Coffee & Coconut café. First impression was how packed full the place was when I arrived, despite it having 3 floors for services. Second impression was the interesting bowl of noodle soup i saw when a waitress served it to a costumer. Third impression was that gorgeous bartender behind the bar. Fourth impression was how ridiculously delicious that fresh coconut tasted. I would definitely come back to this café because they offer a lot of interesting drinks and a variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coffee and Coconut cafe in Amsterdam
Coffee and Coconut cafe


The last café I visited was the Scandinavian Embassy Café. At first I thought the café was actually in one of the Scandinavian country embassies haha. But it was just simply a small café right next to a beautiful Sarphatipark, that was owned and run by a Swedish man. It was very busy when I came, but the staff and the owner were very lovely and friendly to me and all the costumers. The cinnamon bun was good, but it didn’t that wow factor that I expected from the online review. But overall still a lovely experience to see that they put a lot of care into preparing the drinks and the food they sell, when sitting at the bar.

Scandinavian Embassy cafe
Scandinavian Embassy cafe


To sum up my day, I went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant with some friends. The food tasted good, but definitely not worth the money and the one hour long wait for the food. But I believe it is the people that make the experience good, not so much the activities they do. I had a lot of fun catching up and chitchatting with my friends that night.

So yah, I definitely will do another café hopping session again as I have made a list of hidden-gem cafés in Amsterdam. And ff you enjoy this little Saturday journey of mine, don’t forget to come back to my blog section every now n then for new posts, or check out my old posts for now ;) 

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CYAAAA !!    

Posted by chungthanhle92@gmail.com at Feb 18, 2017 11:10 AM