A typical day at University

What is a day at a Dutch University like? Student Ambassador Krittika shares her experiences on an average day at University of Twente.

Posted by Krittika Choudhury - Student Ambassador - University of Twente at Nov 12, 2018 10:10 AM

Armed with a steaming hot cup of coffee and with my phone in the other hand scrolling through the University app to find out where my first class of the morning is, I enter the hallowed lanes of my college. It is the University of Twente, in the small town of Enschede to the east of the Netherlands.

That is typically what the beginning of the day looks like for any college student, dreading the week already before it has even started. Always with a little help from our best friends, caffeine and perpetual procrastination.

Krittika - Typical Day at University

My first class usually starts at 8:45 a.m. on Mondays in a building that overlooks a lake. And yes, that is probably not ideal for a number of reasons. But it is also when I feel freshest, raging to go and question all the established hypothesis of science and literature.

That is again, one of my favourite things about the classroom environment in the Netherlands. My teachers are, for lack of a better term, friendly acquaintances whose offices usually have an open door policy.

Coffee and a cupcake

Once done with the first class of the day, I walk at the speed of light to the next, with once again a new cup of coffee and a cupcake that I pick up form the kiosk on the way. I believe food keeps you thinking straight, and it is a boon that my university has several kiosks scattered around the buildings. Especially for people like me that always forget to have breakfasts at home.

By the time the second class is over, I am usually famished. My university has two large cafés that serve hot, warm lunch everyday.But lunch is mostly an excuse to unwind after half a busy day, with my friends and classmates. On good days, we usually have our lunch by the side of one of the many lakes and sunny spots on campus. On cold days however, we stick to the comfort of the chairs and tables indoors.

Making new friends

A typical day of classes for me ends about 5:30 p.m., with most of the second halves being dedicated to practical workshops and seminars. This is my second favourite thing about my study in the Netherlands. My courses are very application based and push me to apply myself to practical situations.

We are encouraged to work in groups or teams. This is, in my opinion, a wonderful excuse to extend your friend circle while also making new friends in the same field of study as you. As an international student, it is also my opportunity to learn more about other cultures, about how they work and function.

Magic portals

Each study also has associations dedicated to it solely, remember to sign up for them too. They’re your magic portals, they allow you access to books at cheaper rates, notebooks and stationery at subsidised rates and even free coffee (always) and free beer (if the bartender is kind).

All universities usually have multiple sports or cultural associations where you can spend your time productively and have some fun at the end of a hectic day. Utwente for example, even has associations dedicated to countries, which work towards introducing the masses to the unique colours and vibrancy of each of their countries. It is a wonderful way to understand festivals of all cultures, and the significance of their special days.

Salsa classes and live shows

I am a big fan of salsa classes that happen on two days of the week, as well as the workshops organised by various student associations. It is always informative, and extremely fun to be part of. I usually make sure that me and my friends sign up for the same things, because it can get pretty rough if you do not manage to find a partner for salsa!

On days that I am not playing a sport, or dancing my worries away, I go out to the city center for a drink or for any live shows happening at that point of time. That is one thing I like about Europe, there is always something interesting happening around you. You only need to look around or dig through events on Facebook.

Some people, usually students, even take to the streets to gather an opinion on their latest piece of music or an instrumental version of their favorite song, which is always a delight to witness.

The beauty of student life

Well, this is pretty much what a regular day is for me. Long but fun. Sometimes even longer if I have to squeeze in time to finish my assignments and projects due that week or in the upcoming days. But that too is the beauty of student life.

The rush, the panic, the stillness, the fun, the collaborations, the mistakes, the night outs, the morning classes, and the notes scribbled half asleep through notebooks. It is what makes being a student so worthwhile.

Being able to live that life every day and looking forward to the next. And before you know it, it is 8:45 a.m. again and you’re walking into class again. With some coffee and absolute determination to get through the day. 

Posted by Krittika Choudhury - Student Ambassador - University of Twente at Nov 12, 2018 10:10 AM