Four festivals that got me ready before University started

No matter how you love your studies, going back to university after a long summer break is tough. The same issue applies to me, especially since summertime in the Netherlands is the time when diverse activities and events take place.

Posted by Jane Hang Hoang - Student Ambassador - The Hague University of Applied Sciences at Oct 01, 2018 11:55 AM

Summer fades, winter comes, here I am in the Netherlands…

It has been one year since I arrived here to study abroad in this cheese country. I have had a spectacular journey so far, including experiencing the unpredictable weather and the directness of the Dutch. While most of the students would choose to go back to their hometown after a long time away from their family and friends, I spent my summer here working a bit and cherishing every single moment, enjoying the extraordinary beauty that the Netherlands has to offer.

Summer is already over and now I have to get back to all the assignments and deadlines from student life. It took me a while to balance my routine again but before that, there were 4 festivals that helped me ready to send the summer away.

1. Mysteryland Festival

As an ardent fan of electronic dance music, I certainly cannot let this music festival slip. This is the longest-running electronic music festival in the world and also the oldest dance music festival in the Netherlands. It was such a blast for me to live it up the music of my favourite artists, namely Kungs, Jonas Blue, Galantis, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Axwell Λ Ingrosso.


If you are looking for an event similar to Tomorrowland as an alternative, I strongly suggest you go to Mysteryland. Moreover, the lineup spans from house and techno to EDM and is topped by the biggest names in the world performing their music on magnificent handcrafted stages. There are also camping sites to spice up your days and nights and eternalize the summer of a lifetime.

2. International Fireworks Festival

One of the most breathtaking events in the Netherlands is the International Fireworks Festival. Scheveningen beach is my place to go to in The Hague and also for many other dwellers here, especially in the summer. However, never have I seen so many people heading to the beach like on this occasion. For two weeks, spectacular fireworks were presented by different countries at the coast of The Hague. The sky, the beach and the boulevard being lightened up was indeed a sight to be seen.


3. Embassy Festival

The Hague – the city where I live – is the international city of peace and justice and also the embassy city of the Netherlands. Each year the city hosts Embassy Festival, an event to celebrate the cultural diversity. With the participation of more than 60 embassies, visitors can taste the delicious specialities and emerge in splendid performances from all over the world along the boulevard Lange Voorhout.


My Vietnamese Association in collaboration with the Embassy of Vietnam represented our country beauty through food and various products. The conical-hat painting activity attracted many children and the souvenirs like our 3D cards captivated everyone who stopped by. Especially, the food corner definitely was a hit with banh mi, bun bo Hue, etc – some highlights of our cuisine.

4. OH OH INTRO Festival

OH OH INTRO is the introduction week in The Hague intended for all students before the school year starts. During the OH OH INTRO week, students will engage in a wide range of fun activities to get to know each other, the city and the student associations. It is a good occasion for friends to hang out with each other and I did have a fun time with my friends as well. There was an after party afterwards in which we can request our songs that made the party complete.


So above are some festive events that make me fall head over heels for the Netherlands and keep the summer stay alive in my mind. This is my story and I would like to know how you guys ended your summer. Let me know in the comment section down below. See you next time!

Posted by Jane Hang Hoang - Student Ambassador - The Hague University of Applied Sciences at Oct 01, 2018 11:55 AM