Getting a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is not easy, I know that, and it takes years and years with a persistent attitude to make it happen.

Posted by Thao Duong Ngoc Huong at May 23, 2018 08:00 AM

I got 3 big scholarships for my study life up till now, and it was such a long and tough journey. If you are going in the same direction, I hope some of my experience will motivate you to continue to do in what you are believing. Success comes at the end, then you will understand why you are worth it.

Scholarship ceremony

I received my first 4-year scholarship at for my Bachelor in Vietnam. It was a premise for me to get the Erasmus grant for my exchange program in Poland. And recently, I am studying MBA in The Netherlands with the Top Talents Scholarship at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Honestly, I am not good at studying and working. My GPA is below 8, and IELTS score is 7, no GMAT, no outstanding academic results. All my achievements come from hard work, patience and belief.

For me, the belief in my ability and consistency in what I am doing is utmost. It leads me to follow my goals through many failures. To obtain 3 scholarships, I have applied and fail so many others. In this journey, sometimes I will question myself whether I should continue or not. However, I would tell a story about my belief lead to actions to obtain significant results, which motivate me to jump into next steps of my life confidently.

Regarding the preparation for my studying abroad in Holland, I spent two years in searching for the full scholarship because my family could not afford for me to study here. I did not have a strong academic background, nor something special to be competitive with others. Therefore, a lot of people informed that there were no chance for me to get a full MBA scholarship. However, I still established my strategy due to a strong spirit that I could make it happen. There are four additional contributions to shine my background except the academic level are extra course certificates, social activities, reference letter and motivation letter.

First, I found that scholarship for exchange program was easier to apply. Consequently, I obtained the full Erasmus fund to study one semester in Poland. I also participate in lots of short economic courses and some marketing contests such as “Young Marketers” to approach to the practical application since studying in University. Those certificates added precious value to my qualification and reinforce my belief that I am on the right track.

Second, I volunteered in many social organisations such as donating blood to the Red Cross’s campaigns, being a local buddy for Thai students, joining Vietnam Scout Movement, … Besides, I joined the Student Recruitment campaign in my University to hold meaningful seminars or career fairs to potential candidates.

Moreover, I maintained good relationships with the lecturers by staying interactive to them. I usually thought up questions to ask them after class to generate positive impression. When they needed students to collect market data for their publications, I also engaged in. Thus, my reference letter is well-recommended than others.

Finally, I created an outstanding motivation letter about what I dreamt and what I did as illustrated above to persuade why I was deserved for this grant. Even now when I read again this letter, I could not write a better one, because it was really the best that I could perform. Fortunately, after applying in many universities, I got the Saxion Holland Top Talent Scholarship for MBA program, as a significant reward for my total effort. This achievement really brings me a firm belief in myself more and get through all of the difficulties in my life. With a good strategy, my future now is shining after graduation from this MBA program.

From the dream of studying abroad to recent, I spent 6 years for preparation since I first entered to the University. 6 years for my dream, and I could make it done. If your dare to spend a period of time in your life to follow what you really want, I believe you also be successful too.

Posted by Thao Duong Ngoc Huong at May 23, 2018 08:00 AM