How does an international student (#me) spend his Monday?

For those of you who missed my daily journey of Monday on studyinholland instagram and my lifestream session on studyinholland facebook page yesterday, i ll recap them here. So sit back, relax and enjoy my show ;)

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I cycle to school every morning

Every morning i wake up at around 7am to get ready for a new day. Then i m off on my bike and cycling to school.

the views on my way to school

One thing that i love so much about Amsterdam is the possibility to cycle everywhere. I cycle to the Vrije Uni of Ams every day for my lectures (my master program is a combined degree of Uni of ams and Vrije Uni). And these gorgeous scenes are what i see every morning

Having lectures in a big lecture hall

I am doing a master in Biomedical science, with a major in Science in society. This major focuses on policy analysis, business management and entrepreneurship in Health n Life science. All my lectures are in a big lecture hall that can host up to 100 students. Today lecture is about communication and management.

 Getting ready for my livestream session

At 12.30, i prepared for my livestream session on studyinholland facebook page. This was my first time doing something like this, so you can imagine how excited and anxious i was. 


But in the end, it went really well (at least, i think it did :D), and i really enjoyed talking and sharing my personal experiences with you guys.

my monday lunch

for lunch today, i have a mini pizza and a sausage pastry thingy, which i bought at a supermarket on campus for a total of 3eu, and a banana i brought from home. This is not my typical lunch, as i usually prepare something in the morning or take the dinner leftover from the previous night (it is much cheaper this way). And as a proud asian  i prefer warm dishes for lunch (rice n noodles included :D )

self studying on Monday afternoon

I spent the afternoon on self-studying at the university. Studying abroad at a university in Holland requires that you are motivated and self disciplined, as there is no-one to check up on you.

doing grocery shopping

On my way home, i stopped by a AH supermarket for my grocery. i think the hardest thing about being away from home for me is that i miss the food in vietnam a lot. Although i couldnt create all the food i miss (i m not that good of a cook 😅), at least when i want to, i can find most of the ingredients either in the supermarkets or in the asian shops. Rice is a staple in my pantry, not only because i grow up eating it, but also because it is so easy n versatile for cooking.

i missed my badminton practise because of the rain

I wanted to go to my weekly badminton practice tonight. But as soon as i stepped outside, i realized that it was pouring down. So i guess no badminton for me tonight 😔. But i ll attend the training on Wednesday. Sport is an important activity for me as it really helps me stay fit n not go insane with all the stresses in life. I have tried my best for the last 4 years to have at least one badminton training and two gym sessions every week.

What i do on Monday evening

So this is my Monday evening. For dinner i had some fish cakes, stir-fried broccoli and rice (those fish cakes were 100% out of my imagination. So yah, living alone frees ur creativity in the kitchen 😆). Then i continued working on an assignment for my business management and entrepreneurship course. But of course every now n then i procrastinated n watched a bit of Modern family hahahaha.

I read a book before i go to bed

To end my day, i spent half an hour in bed reading this book 'the 7 habits of highly effective people' by Stephen R. Covey. And no, i m not a bookworm (and there s nothing wrong with being a bookworm 😏). This book is part of the materials i have to read for one of my courses. But it is a good bedside book. 🤓

i hope you enjoy being on my daily journey today. I'd like to say goodbye and goodnight for now. In case if you have something to ask me, feel free to contact me on my personal page. And dont forget to follow my blogs on the studyinholland website 😊 

Posted by at Nov 22, 2016 09:50 AM