How to stay Indian in Groningen

how I got over my home sickness with help from a couple of friends. p.s., I am in desperate need of some Maggi

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How to Stay Indian in Groningen

Growing up in a typical Indian family, had made me familiarised with some concepts.

Concept 1: if you are hungry, have a Maggi

Concept 2: still Hungry? have  Parle-G

Concept 3: being sure that your mom would make something if those weren't there

Concept 4:once a month, everybody you knew would get together, just for the fun of it.

But deciding to study abroad, and coming to Groningen; I was in for a rude awakening. There was no Maggi here, no Parle-G and I was aware that my mom wasn't gonna be there.

But what broke me the most was acute shortage of Maggi. Usually when I was this sad, iI had Maggi, so you see my dilemma.Maggi is India’s unofficial comfort food and the go to snack for millions of kids.

Is there a solution?


Does the solution provide you with Maggi?


So GISA is where I decided to find solace. GISA is the Groningen Indian Students Association and itconsists of bachelors and masters students from both the major universities in Groningen.

GISA logo

See, GISA was started with the main objective to reduce the home sickness that Indian students felt when they came to Groningen. How did they do it?

First Week in Groningen: Indian Dance party organised by GISA. From bhangra to dappankuthu to Harlem Shake, everything was on display that evening along with proper Indian food.

Every week for the next month: Since most of the members of GISA are masters students, the bachelors students formed our very own group and we made it a point to meet up every week and watch Hindi movies.Bachelors Meet

We cooked and we watched Hindi movies that are more than a decade old, like DDLJ(oh the horror)DDLJ


Second Month: GISA is organising a 4 hours Diwali celebration, one month after Diwali(because everyone has exams during Diwali.) 

And everybody has to be involved, so the Bachelors students are performing a dance……yay….

I’m pretty sure that the GISA people play cricket on a regular basis too, so if you miss cricket thats solved too.

Leaving home can be pretty hard to do, but you don't necessarily have to be alone in it. Having friends who understand your situation can be a huge help.

And,you eventually do learn to live without Maggi. You start to enjoy the smaller things in life, like potatoes.

Thats not true…..

Posted by at Oct 16, 2016 05:40 AM