Meet Student Ambassador Flory

Student Ambassadors are an important part of the Study in Holland promotion. They take over Instagram, write blogs and make vlogs. Time to introduce them to you!

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 13, 2018 09:15 AM

Florentina – called Flory – is a master student of Business Information Technology, following the Data Science and Business track at the University of Twente. Originally from Romania, she sought to improve her future by studying abroad. After arriving in 2016, she became a student ambassador for Twente University as well as Study in Holland and Study Portals and discovered her passion: digital marketing.

Student Ambassador: Flory

"Why did you decide to study in Holland"

“I was looking for a better education. Better than I would have in Romania. I was also looking for a place with job opportunities. In the end, I was considering both the UK and the Netherlands. Looking at the price versus the quality, I chose Netherlands, and Enschede. During the educational fairs that I have attended for gathering more information, representatives simply could not explain why the UK was so much more expensive than Netherlands is for EU students, because it is not per se a better quality of education.”

“Also, I liked the fact that my university was a promotor of innovation and entrepreneurship. I am entrepreneurial myself, I love discovering new things and exploring new ideas.  Therefore, the Dutch higher education seemed a good fit, better than in my own country.”

"What were you expecting Holland to be?"

“I prepared myself very well before I came here. I literally scanned all the related websites and even testimonials and articles discussing the life in the Netherlands, the university and Enschede. What amazed me at first was the warmth. Every single article was pointing towards the rainy weather here, so I came prepared for that. To my amazement, when I arrived in summer, with my coat on and a wardrobe fit for rain there were almost 30 degrees that day. After a moment of wondering if I arrived in the right place, I realized that I had to go shopping as soon as possible.”

“Coming so well prepared, I figured that I knew what to expect from the university at least. Based on the pictures I had a fair image in mind. But it was even better in real life! The university was flawless, the campus very green. Everything was – and still is – so beautiful. It really exceeded my expectations.”

"What strange Dutch things have you noticed so far?"

“Having (cheese) sandwiches for lunch! I though that during introduction week, it was just convenient to serve those to a large group. But the Dutch eat sandwiches for lunch every day! I can’t do that, I need my warm meal at lunch time.”

“Moreover, the things people put on the bread? Chocolate sprinkles? That is just way too sweet for me, especially during breakfast. It’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day!”

"What is your favourite thing about Holland?"

“I love how the Dutch are so open-minded. They don’t overthink stuff, but just go, figure out some potential ways of solving the problems and then do it. Very practical and rational as well, I really like the attitude that every problem can be solved!”

“The best part about my studies here is that everything is connected to the market. In my first ever class, the teacher told us to find a company, so we could use them as a case for an assignment in E-strategizing. I could barely get to the university at that time, so I didn’t even know the city that well so it was a bit unexpected and overwhelming.  But I came here for being challenged, so I started thinking about all the companies that I saw in those first days in the area.  I made a research and find their contact addresses, wrote proposals and sent emails. Imagine my surprise when all of them answered my emails and all were positive answers! My team was the first one in the class to find a company for that assignment. I was so happy and proud that I exceeded my own expectations there. And these were just the very first days.”

"How is this experience valuable to you?"

“I already mentioned that the education is of tremendous value to me, because at home, it wouldn’t have been this insightful and up to date with the trends in my field. But there is so much more: long-lasting friendships worldwide. I met so many wonderful people that I will keep seeing, even if they move back home across the globe. Also, the connection to the market. I know what I can do, and what I can apply for. I am able to explore my interests and capabilities. This opened my eyes and helped me find a new passion where my future lies: digital marketing.”

"What would you say to others that are thinking about studying in Holland?"

“You often hear people struggling to decide if they should study abroad. Several worries come from the lack of permission from their parents or fear of the unknown and getting our from their comfort zone. So my advice would be to only trust their intuition and follow their own dreams without letting others decide how they should live their life. Go abroad because you want to and don’t do this for anybody but yourself. Just follow your heart, it will turn out alright.”

"What are your plans after graduation?"

“I am planning to live in the Netherlands, at least for a while. I always wanted to own a business someday, so that is something to look into.”

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 13, 2018 09:15 AM