Meet Student Ambassador Romeissa

Student Ambassadors are an important part of the Study in Holland promotion. They take over Instagram, write blogs and make vlogs. Time to introduce them to you!

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 14, 2018 09:25 AM

Romeissa is studying Marketing and Communication at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Originally from Algeria, she is a real global citizen. She lived in Canada and in Germany before coming to the Netherlands.

Student Ambassador - Romeissa

"Why did you decide to study in Holland?"

“I read that Holland has many programmes in English, so it was definitely and option. What made it more appealing is that I had many Dutch friends in Canada and Germany. They were all so friendly and open, that I knew studying in Holland was an option for me.”

"What were you expecting Holland to be?"

“Before I came, I heard that everyone in the Netherlands speaks English really well. So when I came, I was not surprised to find out that this is indeed so. Even in the supermarket, you can talk in English and people understand what you mean. That is very convenient.”

"What strange Dutch things have you noticed so far?"

“The Dutch cycle everywhere, and in every weather. Even in the snow, they just dress warmly and get on their bikes. So I did so as well. Had not expected that – to be cycling in the snow to get to University. But there we are…”

"What is your favourite thing about Holland?"

“I like the fact that Holland is such an open country, where you can be yourself and be who you want to be. This is so special. I feel safe and free to be myself and that is such a nice thing.”

“Also, the job market and the connection to education is great here. I believe that educated people can find jobs quite easily!”

"How is this experience valuable to you?"

“I have grown so much, grown within myself. There is not much guidance: not from parent, nor from teachers, so I have to find things out on my own. It has been a learning experience in every sense.”

"What would you say to others that are thinking about studying in Holland?"

“Holland is your first step up the stairs towards your future.”

"What are your plans after graduation?"

“I’m all about the global experience, so I’m not sure where I’ll go. Another EU country, or an internship somewhere. I want to travel and explore the world.”

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 14, 2018 09:25 AM