Meet Student Ambassador Witney

Student Ambassadors are an important part of the Study in Holland promotion. They take over Instagram, write blogs and make vlogs. Time to introduce them to you!

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 21, 2018 10:05 AM

Witney is a bachelor’s student at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Originally from Tanzania, this bright student got settled in Holland to study IBA. Witney has already taken over Instagram once, wrote a blog and will take over Snapchat in December.

Student Ambassador - Witney

"Why did you decide to study in Holland"

“Mainly because of the safety of Holland. Other factors were the quality of life and education. Once I started researching the universities more, I also saw that there was a lot of diversity, not just in the universities but in the whole country.”

“The final trigger was the English proficiency of the Dutch people, since I didn’t speak any Dutch before arriving here.”

"What were you expecting Holland to be?"

“I had already visited Holland on holiday before coming here to study. One thing that really stood out was the clean environment, there’s trees everywhere giving the sense of a very clean environment. My expectations when I came to study here were definitely met, and the reality was even better than I had expected.”

"What strange Dutch things have you noticed so far?"

“One thing that was really a shock to me was that the Dutch seek for direct eye contact when speaking to someone. In my country that is not normal, as you are supposed to avoid eye contact a little bit. So, I definitely had to get used to that at first, but now I also look people directly in the eyes. I like it, it makes me feel confident.”

"What is your favourite thing about Holland?"

“My favorite study related thing to Holland is the amount of choice you have. I like that there are research university but also universities of applied sciences, this gives you a choice in the type of education you want to pursue.”

“One of my other favourite things about Holland is the simplicity. You work hard, you get opportunities, no matter who you are. In my home country this is not the case.”

"How is this experience valuable to you?"

“This experience of studying in Holland  is helping shape my life. I see it as an asset for my future. It is something that makes me grow but also stand out.”

"What would you say to others that are thinking about studying in Holland?"

“That there are many opportunities in Holland if you work hard.“

“The quality of life and education is very high. The education system is also very based on practical learning, so working on case studies or conducting your own research.“

“You can get a job or apply for a scholarship. And last but not least the country is very safe. I can easily bike home at night on my own without having to worry. “

"What are your plans after graduation?"

“To pursue a master’s degree in Holland, and to improve on my Dutch.”

Posted by Mechteld Bous at Nov 21, 2018 10:05 AM