Netherlands For Dummies

The good and the bad, and why you should choose the Netherlands.

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Netherlands for Dummies

So, in this blog, i’d like to share all my knowledge on how to be a student in the Netherlands, and how to balance School life and Personal Life. 

I got nothing.

Because the truth is, none of us do.College life is what high school doesn't prepare you for, just like they don't teach you how to pay taxes, getting a loan, or any useful life skill to be honest.

In college, you get your first taste of independence, and how you use that in the first few months may just dictate how your experience in college might go.

I cant really lecture you about that, because i don't know how to.

I can, however, tell you the good and bad about studying in the Netherlands.

1. Netherlands is the Canada of Europe

The people here are just ridiculously nice. It wont matter whether you are Indian, American, Chinese, Russian, South African, they do not discriminate. They take you in as one of their own(more or less) and they expect the same from you to, so have an open mind.

2. You will get fit in this Country

Whether you like it or not, the primary form of transport in this country is biking. So unless you live right next to your university, you're going to have to bike to get there. Now, you might be thinking, “ that’s not so bad, i know how to bike.”, trust me when i tell you this, you do not. The dutch have been biking since they could walk, and no matter how much you try, you cannot reach that level of expertise. At times its annoying.

Dutch Cycling

3. They have one of the best Educational systems in the world

Think MIT and Harvard, but you can actually get in to the universities here( and afford it too). 

4. The Parties

THE DUTCH KNOW HOW TO THROW PARTIES. I grew up watching American movies, so think American frat parties without the risk of getting alcohol poisoning or getting shot. And there’s parties for everyone and for everything.

5. People mind their own business here.

You could walk into a fine dining restaurant wearing shorts, and they will not care( just for the record, I do not encourage doing that). 

6. Everyone speak English

Netherlands is a country in which 90-93% of the native population can converse in English, and that makes things so much easier to live in the Netherlands.

Now for the bad stuff:

1.The Weather


Whether its summer, winter or spring its always raining in the Netherlands. Its like this country was made for romantic scenes in Indian movies.

Rain in Netherlands

(let me explain; Indian movie makers apparently think that rain is very romantic, so for any and all romantic scenes in a movie they just add rain to it, and and a couple of people dancing in the background for no apparent reason)

Thats it.

Now, i know that some people reading this will argue that their country is better, that they have a higher rank in university rankings or have a higher English speaking population. But the thing is, we are high all the time. So very high…..

Posted by at Mar 21, 2017 09:40 PM
Kimmy says:
Mar 23, 2017 11:15 AM
Should i be concerned about rising far-right party (Pvd) in the netherland?? You said that "it's the canada of europe" while the most extreme party got the second most seats in the parliament?? It really seems to be the "america" of europe not "canada"
Deviprasad Nair says:
Mar 23, 2017 12:12 PM
Hey Kimmy,
no you shouldn't be. With any country, there will always be a batch of crazy people present. there's nothing you or i can do about that. But, the good thing is that the Dutch people are smarter than that. The Pvd did win seats, but it was less than the projected polls. so, there really isn't anything to worry about.
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