The Anatomy of Jan, a Friendly Dutch Man Who Is Ready to Welcome You in the Netherlands!

This is the brief story about Jan... And through knowing him, you will be able to get a grasp of the Dutch people and how is it like living in the land of tulips...

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The Anatomy of Jan

The doodle below depicts Jan, a Dutch man whose features can help you know more about the Netherlands.

Jan's Anatomy

  • Jan is tall

The average height of the Dutch men is 184cm, making them the tallest people in the world! The BBC News even defines the Netherlands as the nation of milk drinker and cheese eater.

  • Jan has a pale skin

The Netherlands indeed has a picturesque landscape of canals and meadows. Unfortunately, the sun does not shine often in the low country, hence the pale skin of Jan. Therefore, when the rare phenomenon occurs, Jan loves to ride his bike and soak under the bright sunlight.

  • Jan has strong teeth

Due to the high consumption of milk every day, Jan reaps the benefit of the calcium by having a tall height and it eases him reaching the top of the kitchen shelf!

  • Jan likes to wear orange t-shirt

Oranjegekte (orange craze) and oranjekoort (orange fever) are the special terms developed to describe the orangeness of the attributes that the Dutchies wear during special events such as football match and the koningsdag (the king's day; a special day as a tribute to the king's birthday. And yes, the Netherlands still have king and queen!). Even the Royal House is called the House of Oranje-Nassau.
There have been rumors that during the World War 2, Dutch housewives often hang their laundries in particular patterns: something orange, something red, something white, and something blue.

  • Jan has strong and long legs

Again, as the benefit of the calcium and because of Jan's daily habit riding his bike everywhere he goes. There are more than millions of bike on the streets in Holland every day. Even the Dutch prime minister rides a bike to his work, and the princess of Orange, Catharina-Amalia, begins her first day at school by riding a girly pink bike.

  • Jan does not wear klompen (the Dutch traditional wooden shoes) every day

Unlike the mainstream stereotype, Jan and all other Dutch people do not wear klompen every day. Don't worry, they still wear normal shoes and sandals daily!

Let's take a closer look at Jan's facial features...A Closer Look at Jan's Facial Feature

  • Jan has an open-mind

The Netherlands is well-known as a free country, a melting pot, and a very diverse country. The diversity leads to their openness and acceptance to other's culture. They appreciate differences and perceive it as another colour(s) that add to their culture.

  • Jan has the eyes that see you for who you really are

The land of windmill offers freedom. Once you come here, you are able to express your true self since the Dutchies accepts all type of people and love...

  • Jan has the lips that always speaks the truth

The Dutch people are very well-known for their directness. If they say they don't want to, it literally means they do not wish to do so. It might be a bit odd for you at first (depending on your cultural background). But all in all, it is a good thing since you will always simply understand what they mean. After all, a hard truth is always better than a lie, right?

Now, now... That was a short tale of Jan, who represents the Dutch people in general. I hope you can get a grasp of the Dutchies better now, and stay tuned for more stories about living in the Netherlands in my next posts!

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