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I have been in the Netherlands for almost 2 years. From the beginning, I just chose the Netherlands and my university, Saxion UAS, by coincidence, without any in-depth researches. It was also my first time to go somewhere outside Vietnam and travel by plane. However, the longer I stay in the Netherlands, the more I feel lucky.

Posted by Huynh Nguyen Thao Nhung at May 10, 2018 09:30 AM

First of all, about my study, I have not studied at any universities else except Saxion UAS, so I cannot compare it to other schools. However, the experience there indeed exceeds my expectation. From the very first days of school, I already started working in a project for a real company, to solve its real problem, with a group of 5 members from many countries and cultures. It was extremely hard, but it trained my team working ability. I remember that before coming here, I could not even speak in front of about 7 people.

Now, I can represent my team and do the presentation in a competition with more than 50 attendants. Above all, the incredible experience that I have ever had is understanding myself. Thanks to motivated and dedicated teachers, I could know my strengths and my weaknesses. They also gave me chances to work on my biggest ambition – exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Host family Kaity Huynh

Besides, when first coming here, I was surprised by the friendliness of Dutch people. I usually tell my friends that I am not afraid of getting lost in the Netherlands. People are remarkably friendly so if you do not know which way to go, just ask people around, and then you probably can reach your home. By the way, almost Dutch people can speak English, so do not worry! At school, if I do not understand something, I just raise my hand and ask. Otherwise, I can go to the teacher’s office and ask for a small meeting to ask whatever I want. They are always happy and eager to help students.

Besides, I am living in a Dutch host family. It brought me such a lot of opportunities to learn the language and Dutch culture. Basically, Vietnamese and Dutch customs are different in almost every aspect. For example, in Vietnam, Pho can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whenever they want. In the Netherlands, they eat bread for breakfast and lunch and they just “really” eat in dinner with something else, not bread. My Dutch family always has tea or coffee between main meals, while in Vietnam, people usually have coffee just in the morning. There are many other differences which are hard to tell only once.

The Netherlands is such that fantastic and I feel absolutely lucky when I have a chance to study and live here. I hope that everyone also can have these overwhelming experiences, so please do not hesitate to come here with me!

Posted by Huynh Nguyen Thao Nhung at May 10, 2018 09:30 AM