The Netherlands Can Be Your Neverland

Have you ever dreamed of going to Neverland as a child? Have you ever dreamed of exploring your self that you might not be able to at home? Are you looking for a place to start your future?

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Why do I choose to study in the Netherlands? As a country with quality education, international atmosphere, affordable tuition, and a great location, the Netherlands can be your Neverland!

The Netherlands can be your Neverland! With such a tolerant culture, where you can fully develop while still maintaining your inner self. And the Netherlands can be a great jumping off point for university students looking to explore the world. As a country with quality education, international atmosphere, affordable tuition, and a great location, the Netherlands is an ideal place to come into your own as a part of the greater world. Let me share with you my reasons to study in the Netherlands!


Neverland has never taught you more

Do you want to flourish as a student? With the high-quality of education in the Netherlands, you can truly grow in your academic field. Are the skills and aptitude of your professors an important factor to your choice of school? Do you put much consideration into a university’s reputation? In the Netherlands, you never have to trade in the quality of your education for something less. Universities in the Netherlands consistently come out as some of the highest ranked schools in the world. And staffed with elite faculty from all around the world, you’ll always know that you’re receiving an unrivaled level of education and instruction. 

Neverland has never felt more like home

While the Netherlands has a definite flair for the international, it has certainly retained its own distinct culture. In your home away from home you can enjoy the real Dutch life. Imagine studying along the windmill dappled canals. Riding through the busy bike lane to class everyday. Trying the variety of traditional Dutch food and enjoying the wide range of beer. Finding yourself surprised going through the Dutch forests and spending more time than you ever expected in the wildlife. Or you can just be like me, enjoying the sunshine and practicing yoga on the famous Scheveningen Beach!



And to top it all off, celebrating the numerous festivals with people from all around the world so you won't feel too far from home! Even though I have just arrived for one month, I have already met so many talented and interesting friends. We share our similarity and embrace the difference between each other.

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Neverland has never been so easy to find

Also, located in the heart of western Europe, the Netherlands is a perfect nexus point for travel. Curious to see other neighboring countries? Travel is never more than two hours by train. And travel by plane is always easy and readily accessible. Within the country, just jump on a train and take a weekend trip to famous cities to visit like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Even better, a student, you’re entitled to discounts for domestic travel, making your trip even easier.


Neverland has never been so affordable 

Have you experienced the sticker-shock of browsing tuition prices in the UK or the United States? Thankfully we have a solution. As an EU country, studying in the Netherlands has never been more affordable at competitive prices within the Union. Moreover, with such reasonably priced tuition, you don’t have to be dependent on outside financial help or loans. You can also find a part-time job or internship related to your studies with ease. 

Your Neverland can be real

With all this together, the Netherlands can open the door to your future. With a high-levels of instruction, you’ll develop as a student. You can experience the one-of-a-kind culture of the Dutch. And your journey through education won’t break your bank. While the first step might seem impossible, after your time in the Netherlands you’ll see the endless possibilities spread open before you. 

Follow my journey in Neverland

As a Master student currently started studying in Leiden University The Hague Campus, my journey has already taken off. Follow me around for more exciting experience and stories! (Blog continues after the picture below)


Are you looking for a country to study in? Tell me what you want to know about the Netherlands. Are you already a student in the Netherlands? Share with me your experience! Don't forget to leave a comment below. Stay tuned for my next post and video!


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