The Top 4 Lovely Things About Autumn in the Netherlands

The sweater weather, the flu season, the mark of summer's end, you name it! There are so many different ways to describe autumn! But despite the pumpkin-flavoured-drinks-and-foods-everywhere, the delicious and sweet smell of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, what is so special about autumn in Holland? Well, well... You'll find out soon enough!

Posted by at Dec 02, 2016 03:25 PM
  • The vivid tone of autumn leaves everywhere

Since I am the type of person who easily finds joy in small things, the beauty of autumn in Holland makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Despite the drizzle that comes more often with the wind that screws up my newly blow-dried hair, the red and yellow leaves display a picturesque landscape. Imagine seeing a group of windmills with autumn leaves covering the ground like a blanket, or biking through a beautiful park with such gorgeous view. Definitely can't get enough of it!

  • Kermis

No, even though it sounds almost similar, kermis does not mean christmas. Kermis is a Dutch word for a nightmarket/festival. In the festival, you can find everything entertaining from cotton candy stalls to extreme rides.

Toy Corner at Kermis Arnhem Presikhaaf

In most of the big cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, or Groningen, normally they have more attraction, sweet and savoury food stalls, and games.

Adrenaline rushing ride at Kermis Arnhem Presikhaaf

  • Oliebollen

Oliebollen, which literally means oil spheres if you translate it, is a delicious sweet treats that you can find on the street starting from the first leaf that falls to the ground. You can literally smell the mouthwatering aroma of oliebollen from 10 meters away from the stalls! Oh great, I'm craving for it just because I describe it...Seriously guys, give it a try.

Oliebollen, a great match for autumn in Holland

Oliebollen, a delicious sweet treats perfect for autumn in Holland!

Basically, oliebollen tastes (almost) like doughnuts without any hole in the midst part of it, which doubles the deliciousness! With no space wasted, you can get as many powdered sugar as you want on top of it, sometimes you can also add nutella! Well, just like the Dutchies says to express something delicious, "alsof er een engeltje over mijn tong piest! (It's so delicious, as if an angel is peeing over my tongue!)"

An adorable oliebollen cart in Arnhem City Centre

An adorable oliebollen cart in Arnhem City Centre

  •  Autumn break and travel

Being a student, the work 'break' of course brings some excitement for me. Autumn means there's time for taking a pause from all school activities! Now, the perks of living in the Netherlands, is that the country is small. Thus, it's very easy for us to travel to other neighbouring countries such as Germany, Belgium, or simply to just munch on some croissants in France during the weekends! There are some special offers for trip during autumn as well as winter such as dagkaart (for the Dutch train), or some discounts in bus rides. That way you can enjoy the autumn beauty in another countries as well, without wasting too much time.


Well, those are the things that captivate me as a student in Holland! What's the best part of autumn do you like? Share your story too as I'd love to hear it! Stay tuned for my post about winter in Holland.


Posted by at Dec 02, 2016 03:25 PM