University Life:Expectation VS Reality

7 months in, my life in theNetherlands.

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College Life:Expectation VS Reality

Its been almost a full year since i started my university life and since i came to the Netherlands. so i thought i would share what it has been like till now.

Okay, so i grew up watching American TV shows and movies and as a result of that i had a very weird idea of university life. I mean i didn't think that it would be like “American Pie” or “Van Wilder”. Turns out its more like “Shutter Island”, because half the time you don't know what the hell is going on.

As fun as college can be, its also pretty sad sometimes. if you were an extrovert during high school; surprise, you are an introvert now. Had no bad habits during High school? Congrats, you are the kid that parents tell their kids not to hang out with now. You are depressed for no apparent reason at all for half the time. You avoid human contact. 

And the best thing is, it always passes; all of your depression eventually passes, you learn to interact with people once again, you learn to have fun again. And its all possible if you have the proper support system. Mine was my cousin sister, and she really helped me through some stuff.

Now, college isn't all bad.(I'm afraid I've painted a bad picture of university life for you). 

A number of significant changes happen to you in your college life:

Like your taste in music changes. My favourite music in high school was from Maroon5, now its Hans Zimmer and Brian Tyler. Your palette changes, you experiment and its in this time that you have the time to find yourself.

Take out menus are abundant in your room, because who cooks their own food.

Coffee becomes your best friend after a while. 

Now, for any of you who are still in high school when you're reading this, ask your seniors they will explain what i am talking about.

I am studying design(and for most art students) we have very few lectures. i have two lectures a week, each of an hour and half and even then i need a shot of espresso each before i enter the lecture hall. 

You eventually reach a stage when you're having 5 cups of coffee a day;one in the morning(thats your breakfast by the way), two during the day, one for lunch, and one more at night because why the hell not.

No, but seriously though college life is fun; you meet a lot of new people, experience new things, learn a little in the process and all the while telling your parents that you are fine.There’s always a party happening in the city, for everybody.shots      club Kokomo

Now of course this isn't the case for everybody. This is just what happened to me.

Despite all the stuff that stinks about college life, its one of those periods in your life that you are never gonna forget.

Posted by at Feb 22, 2017 07:15 PM
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Feb 22, 2017 07:32 PM
Good.Your style and wit is improving day by day.nice write up about the university life expectations and student life.
Write more of this kind of blogs.
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