[Video] Chinese Girl & Dutch Boy's Counterattacks to Silly Cultural Stereotypes

Do you have stereotypes about people from other cultures? In today's crispy new video, I invited my Dutch friend Boudewijn to talk about cultural stereotypes! Does Chinese eat dog meat? Is Dutch always stoned? Let's find out in the video!

Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Mar 24, 2017 10:40 AM

Do you have stereotypes about others?

Are your stereotypes about people from other cultures correct?

Or they are totally WRONG?

In today's video, Dutch boy Boudewijn and Chinese girl me provide you with a in-depth conversation on cultural stereotypes about each other! 

Do you want to know: 

"The Chinese eat dog meat?!" "Or the Dutch always stoned?"

"Are people from this Chinese generation really victims of One-Child policy?"

"Are Dutch really tolerant or just pretending to be?"

Let's figure these questions out in the video down below with the most authentic answers!

Feel free to comment down below to let me know what's the next topic you want to read or watch!

Click here for the video!


About us:

Dutch boy Boudewijn was born in Malaysia, but he identifies himself most with the city Arnhem in Holland.

He will let you know whether he thinks Holland is one of the most happiest countries in the world, and why the tolerance on weeds is "good" for the people.

Chinese girl me, born in Beijing, but spent past 7 years studying in Shanghai.

I will tell you whether I eat dog meat, and what I think of Dutch!


Do you have any cultural stereotypes about Chinese or Dutch? Let me know in the comment section!


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Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Mar 24, 2017 10:40 AM
Michelle Mellion says:
Mar 29, 2017 12:14 AM
Hello Zhu,
I would love to have contact with you about how it was for you to come to the Netherlands and study. I am an English lecturer at Radboud University and currently teaching Chinese students. I've done some research on how Chinese students have to adapt to their new lives in the Netherlands and how they have learned English before coming to study here. Could you drop me a few lines and perhaps we could discuss this further. You've got a great blog here!

With kind regards,

Michelle Mellion
Liu Zhu says:
Mar 29, 2017 12:31 PM
Hello Michelle,

Thank you!

In general, I think the majority of Chinese students adapt to the new life there first from the Chinese students community. Before we come here, we basically all contacted with the students who have already lived here. After getting familiar with the life here, few Chinese students will try to reach out to the people outside out the Chinese community.

About English, it is a common course in China. Most of us started learning it from primary school.

And I will send you an email for the following-up on this topic!.

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