[VLOG] Exploring Trip to Utrecht: Finding the Famous Church

Do you want to know more about Dutch cities? Come with me to explore one of the oldest city in the Netherlands--Utrecht! One Saturday, my friend Chung who is currently studying in Amsterdam and I decided to meet up in this beautiful city to find the famous and quaint church "Jacobikerk"! During our exploring journey, we discovered many unexpected things, including open market, rainbow pavement, Miffy lights and diverse citizens...

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As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht has the beauty of being quaint and modern at the same time. Around the city center, you can find surrealistic buildings surrounded with each other as well as an ancient church in another corner.

During this trip, the mission of Chung and I was to find the famous church "Jacobikerk". 

However, during our exploring journey finding the church, we discovered many unexpected things.

Click the link and join our journey in Utrecht: Exploring Trip to Utrecht: Finding the Famous Church



I found an open market just in the city center. You can find anything you want, such as tasty nuts, fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers...


There are Miffy-shaped lights in the city center, which indicates that Utrecht is the birthplace of Miffy--the famous and cute rabbit who has been warmed many of us.


Utrecht also has lots of international expats. After few interviews with pedestrians, we found the citizens include people from all over the world, such Belgium, Germany... 


Both Chung and I really enjoyed this trip, do you also like this kind of one day trip with us? Let me know by commenting down below!


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Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Feb 12, 2017 12:55 PM