Week of the International Student: Michael's Day

If you missed my live stream and/or instagram stories about a typical Friday for me in Amsterdam, here is your chance to see it! Make sure to watch the live stream at the bottom of this page to hear me answer some questions and even play a little saxophone at the end. Without further ado, a international student's Friday in Amsterdam:

Posted by michaeledander1@gmail.com at Nov 27, 2016 04:30 PM

Int student week selfie

Hi everyone! This is Study in Holland reporter Michael here with my morning coffee. Stay tuned for pictures showing what a normal Friday is like for me in Amsterdam. Fridays I don't have class, so I get to sleep in a little! As a master's student there is always work to be done though. I do make sure to put at least a couple hours aside on the weekend to go explore the city or go to a museum, and it's a beautiful fall day today, so off I go!

Int student week market

One of the biggest reasons I love Amsterdam is there is always something going on that I didn't know about. I was heading to the neighborhood of Oud West to try a new cafe when I stumbled on this market. Tons of great cheese to buy!

Int student week coffee


So I don't feel guilty about not practicing my saxophone while I'm out exploring Amsterdam, I always make sure to bring along homework. Right now I'm enjoying a great latte and writing an analysis of a jazz composition by composer Wayne Shorter. De Hallen in Oud West, where I'm drinking this latte, also has a great food hall which I'm pretty tempted to check out next ;)

Int student week sax

This is how I spend a very large portion of my time here in Amsterdam. Practicing here at school with this view is quite the treat.

Int student week rehearsal

To finish my night I just played some jazz tunes with a drummer from Italy and a bassist from greece. Always fun here at school!

Int student week party

Ending the day with friends from Canada, Germany, America, Israel, and Spain! Always an international party in Amsterdam :)

As always, if you have any questions regarding life as a student, Amsterdam, or anything else, please comment below, or on one of the other reporter's blogs!

Posted by michaeledander1@gmail.com at Nov 27, 2016 04:30 PM