Exciting Getaway in Holland - Two cities at one weekend: Rotterdam and Leiden

This time I have a different but interesting vlog to share with you! Woooah! Which cities did we go during the weekend? What did we visit during the weekend? How's a student's life in Holland? Come and check out my very first VLOG (plus lots of fun pictures)!!

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At the first weekend of October, I got the chance to visit two totally different cities: Rotterdam and Leiden! Such a productive weekend, right? Lol. Both of these cities are quite close to the Hague (the city where I currently study and live). 


About this weekend, I made a little video in order to share with you my experience in these two different cities! Go and check it out! --> WEEKEND GETAWAY



On Saturday, Bo and I attended a graduation ceremony for the students in Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. For more study programs, you can check them out here! Speaking of the event, after taking students' graduation pictures in front of the World Trade Center, we joined the march around the city, which gave us a different experience of exploring Rotterdam. Compared to the Hague, Rotterdam is a much modern and younger city. I still remember that when I walked out of the Rotterdam train station, I almost felt like that I went back to Shanghai! It's all because of the bustling streets, mansions mixed with traditional buildings, a dazzling array of beautiful goods, and etc.



On Sunday,  I went to a festival in Leiden!! This celebration of Leiden Ontzet lasted for 3 days. Once I got out the train station, I was so surprised that Dutch turned a peaceful and quiet town to such an incredible amusement park. The whole city was in the mood of celebration. 

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Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Oct 25, 2016 10:10 PM