Welcome to my Thursday!-An international student's day in the Hague

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Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Nov 25, 2016 12:00 AM

After the amazing Nl4talents event yesterday, let me take you with me to have a chilling Thursday.

I am living in the Hague right now. The Hague is the governmental city of the Netherlands. You can find lots of international elements everywhere around you! Look at this red British telephone booth. It is located in the Mauritshuis (an art museum which houses the famous Royal Cabinet of Paintings).


Finally, the classes in the morning are over! After few hours of intense seminar, everyone is hungry. Here are we: in the cafeteria of Leiden University.


It is a sunny day today in The Hague. After the classes and lunch, walking along the canals, feeding the seagulls, and enjoying the sun are an excellent way to recharge your battery!

After a short time of the break, at 2:00 pm it is my live stream time! Wow! I have to admit that it is my first time to do a live stream, excited and nervous at the same time! The first minute might be the most difficult part since I had to talk with myself. But once you guys began to ask questions, I felt relaxed because finally we can communicate with each other! What's more important, I really enjoyed talking with all of you, as well as listening to and answering all of your questions. 

After the 1-hour live stream, I have to treat myself with one oliebol!!! It is like an oil dough with lots of sugar icing on it😍it is a typical Dutch treat for this season, especially for the new year!

After all the fun we had today, don't forget to go back to the library and do some work!😌 My bestie and I are studying in the library in Leiden University the Hague campus right now!!! Can you tell what we are discussing? I have to say a good mate makes the study much more fun!


Is it dinner time already? Today is Thanksgiving 2016 everyone!🎉As international students, this is how we celebrate it! With all the food! What we usually do is every student brings a dish which can represent his/her country❤️And then we share and feast!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Day!!🎉🎉🎉This is the best gift I got so far and I know it is a Dutch thing! A chocolate letter of my name?! Are you kidding me? This is everything I could ever wish for❤️Thank you the Netherlands, you have brought so many amazing people and experience to me so far💎 I just wish that I could keep cherishing every little thing in my life and practice gratitude every single day!

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Stay tuned for my new journey in the Netherlands or Neverland? ;)

Posted by liuzhulawstudent@126.com at Nov 25, 2016 12:00 AM