What Dutchies eat daily?

When talking about Holland, there is more than just windmills and tulips. While studying here, I got chance to discover quite a lot about the culture, people’s lifestyle and hourly changeable weather. Being a food lover, I am really into trying different food in the Netherlands.

Posted by Bich Le at May 30, 2018 07:00 AM

In this blog, I would like to suggest some good Dutch food that you should try if you travel to such beautiful country:

1. Bitterballen

This one is so good! I have tried them many times at school, during the events and parties with friends. I think Dutch people seem proud of them because they often put the Dutch flag on bitterballen. Something to show that only in Netherlands can you find Bitterballen. This kind of food is made of meat and is usually considered a snack. Bitterballen are usually served with mustard. It tastes a bit salty and fatty inside. You should eat when they are already cooked because the taste is still strongly kept.

2. Rookworst

The next one I think you should try is rookworst. It looks like sausage, yeah, it  is! But rookworst is larger than normal sausage. It is made of pork or beef. Normally, I fry it and eat with other food. You can also combine it with different sauces, depending on your taste. To me, I usually eat fried rookworst with ketchup. It tastes quite good! For Dutchies, I see them eat worst with boerenkool, mostly made of kale, also with milk. Such a nutricious dish!


3. Cheese

Yeah! Perhaps when talking about Holland, cheese will be the first thing that comes to mind. It is called “Kaas” in Dutch. Whenever I go to the open market, which takes place on every Tuesday and Saturday in Enschede, the city where I live, I find so many different types of cheese. Not just only Dutch cheese but also German or French, and other kinds of cheese. Well, Dutchies use cheese every day, to put on the burgers, or to grate on the top of dishes.

I remember when I was invited to a Christmas dinner with a Dutch family, I was treated a pair of cheeses with a glass of white wine, which means, cheese could be a “friend” with a light wine in your meal. In fact, there are different types of Dutch cheese in different parts of Netherlands, I will write about it on the next blog :)

4. Vla

VlaLast but not least, it is Vla, this is a kind of drink I really like. Vla can be seen as something really uniquely Dutch because it looks like so good combination between yoghurt, milk and cream. I do not know to describe it correctly but whenever you try it, I think you definitely fall in love. The taste is really delicious, sweety and creamy as well. There are different flavours of vla, like Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate. They also offer the double flavors, like Choca and vanilla, which is so good. You may be surprised with the price because it is very cheap, around 1 euro for 1 liter. I often spend less than 1 euro for strawberry vla (the price can be different, depends on supermarket you visit). Vla is seen as a dessert, usually eaten after the dinner.

That is kinds of Dutch food that I think, as a foreigner, you should try when getting chance to visiting Netherlands. Hope it helpful for you to consider what to eat here. I will come back with further topics on next blog. Thank you!

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Posted by Bich Le at May 30, 2018 07:00 AM